What to Expect:

Welcome, and thank you for joining us to explore membership at United Community Church. Here’s what to expect:

We teach our membership course in two classes. These classes are usually taught by Shaun, and this year classes will also be streamed online. We provide notes for the classes, and are happy to answer any questions you may have along the way.

If attending during a live class season, feel free to text your Membership Class WhatsApp Group with any questions, and Shaun or Miriam will get back to you as soon as possible.

After taking the last class, we invite you to consider whether you want to become a member of UCC. Within the next few weeks, please fill out and submit this membership covenant form to tell us either yes, you want to become a member or no, you do not want to become a member. An elder will be in touch with you shortly afterwards.

The next possible steps are to sign the membership covenant, have an interview with an elder, and if membership proceeds, to be officially blessed into our church during a Sunday worship service.

Physical attendance:

Live classes take place at Annankatu 7, 3rd floor, from 17:30-19:30, immediately after the Helsinki service finishes. You are welcome to some refreshments on the 2nd floor on your way up!

Feel free to print out the class notes linked here prior to taking the class – we will also provide paper copies on site.

Online attendance:

The live stream you will watch is an actual live stream – Shaun is teaching people in the room. This may account for certain stylistic issues. We aim to not show the other people in the room on camera for privacy purposes. Please follow along with the notes (linked above).

Unfortunately, even if you are watching the live stream in real time, there is no way to interact with us. When we mute the stream for discussion, we invite you to discuss with a friend or write your answers down. Please write questions down as well, if any come to mind! Keep your video and volume on, and continue with us after our discussion moments.

Sign up for the next Membership classes or send us your questions about the class here! 

We currently do not have a date for when the next membership classes will be taught. We will post live stream links of the next classes here below when they are taught.